These multi session Courses and individual session Classes are pre-recorded allowing you to access them whenever and wherever you want.

Browse the available Courses

Browse the available Classes

There are two membership options

To become a member please Sign Up using the link in the top menu bar (it’s free and fast)

Option 1 – Subscription

Take out a recurring monthly subscription and have access to all the courses and classes on the website. That is over 84 videos totalling 38 hours of video instruction including 18 multi session courses and 12 single session classes with more being added each month.

Option 2 – One off Purchase of Pre-recorded Courses

Buy an individual pre-recorded Course or Class for a small one off fee and you have lifetime access to that course/class. You only need to buy those courses/classes that are of interest to you and there is no ongoing monthly fee.

If you are looking for Live Pilates Classes on Zoom you can find them here

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