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Do you find it difficult to get motivated to exercise by yourself?

If so join one of our live Pilates classes. Workout live with Fran and other class participants. Ask questions and get help with any problems, or difficulties that you may have.

Finding the exercise difficult? No problem there is always an easier version for you to try, just ask in the class, or let us know beforehand. Want to make the exercises harder? Again no problem they can be modified to suit your fitness level.

Classes last around 1 hour and are followed by a question and answer session at the end.

There is a choice of three levels. Beginners, Intermediates, or Pilates for horse riders.

Help me choose which class is best for me

In order to join a class you take out a subscription for four weeks on a non-recurring payment.

You will need to have Zoom installed on your computer/Tablet/Phone and details of how to get everything setup is given below.

Once you have signed up and subscribed to the relevant class you will receive an email from us with a link to the Zoom class together with the Meeting ID and a Passcode,

The live classes are recorded and available on the website so that you may still view the class if life gets in the way and you miss the live class. You can also choose to repeat the class as often as you wish.

Upcoming Paid Classes

Please note that classes only run with a minimum number of participants, as shown in the Table below. If you register and pay for a course of 4 classes and we do not reach the minimum number, we will notify you and refund your payment immediately.





Sorry there are no upcoming Zoom classes

Min 6  Max 10

Upcoming Free Classes

There are no free classes planned at present but below is a recording of the Pilates for Riders FREE class that took place on 8 April 21. Check back regularly for new free classes.

Pilates for Riders 080421 – 56 mins

Instructions for using Zoom

You do not have to have a Zoom account to attend a Zoom meeting. However you will be prompted to download the software once you have clicked on the meeting link that you have been sent in our email. You may also wish to create an account, but that is not required to participate in a Zoom meeting, only to host a meeting.

Here are some instructions for installing zoom on a PC. Installation is very similar for a Mac, tablet or phone, but there are some differences. So if you need help with the installation please let me know which equipment you intend using and I’ll try to give some detailed instructions.

I suggest that you take time to download and get the software working a day or so before the class to avoid any panics when joining the class.

Once Zoom is installed the process of joining a class is really simple so this hassle only occurs once. 

Installing the Zoom software on a Windows 10 PC

When you click on the email link you will be prompted to download the zoom software. If this doesn’t happen you can type https://zoom.us/download into your web browser. Then click on the Download button for Zoom Client for Meetings. Save the zoominstaller.exe program to your computer. I suggest saving it to your Downloads folder.

Next open the Downloads folder and double click on zoominstaller.exe program to install the program.

Using the Zoom software

Once the program is installed you can either:-

click on the Join a meeting button. Enter the meeting ID (from the meeting email that you were sent) and your name in the next Join Meeting box. Ensure that the Remember my name for future meetings box is ticked and the remaining two boxes are unticked. Click the Join button and then enter the Passcode (from the meeting email that you were sent) in the next box.


reclick on the meeting URL that is embedded in the meeting email that you were sent.

Your default web browser will open and you may see a security box that asks whether you wish to Open URL:Zoom Launcher (this may be slightly different in different browsers). Click in the always allow us02web.zoom.us to open links of this type in the associated app and then click on the Open URL:Zoom Launcher button.

If everything is correct you will see a video preview dialog box open and see your own PC camera video image. Click on the Join with Video button. A message will appear that says Please wait the meeting host will let you in soon.

While waiting to be Admitted to the Class

While you wait you can check that your computer speaker and microphone are working by clicking on the Test Computer Audio button. This will open another box where you can test both the speaker and microphone. Click Test speaker and make sure that you can here the sound being played. Click Test Mic and speak a few words, then click on the same button (now says recording) and make sure that you can here your words repeated back to you. If all OK then close this window.

Once you have been admitted to the meeting you will see a small window open that shows a button that says Join with Computer Audio. It is important that you click on this button or you will not be able to hear or speak in the meeting.

Your main screen will now open and you should see Fran and all the other participants.

During the Class

Before the class begins we will ask all participants to mute their own audio (bottom left button – shows a microphone with the word Mute below – click on this and it will change to a microphone with a line through it. In this way we won’t have everyone trying to speak at once during the class.

Should you have a question, or need help during the class, please either use the chat facility, or raise your hand and wave and hopefully we will see you at our end.

At the end of the class everyone can unmute and ask questions.

For the Classes

For these classes you will need a carpeted floor, or a Pilates mat, a small towel rolled up and enough space around you that you can lie down and spread your limbs all around you.

Note that you do not have to have your camera on if you do not wish for other participants to be able to see you, but you will have to use the chat facility to ask any questions and remember that Fran will not be able to see you to offer any corrections.

If you do choose to use your camera please take a little time to position the laptop/tablet/phone so that you are visible when performing the Pilates exercises and try to adjust the lighting so that you can be seen.

Please try to be ready for the meeting 10 minutes ahead of time so that we can sort out any problems before the class.

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