Individual Premium Courses

Pilates for Beginners 1

This is a short 1 minute sample of the video series

In order to practice Pilates effectively you need to understand the fundamentals that form the base-work of all the subsequent exercises. In this seven session series we take a look at finding Alignment and the neutral zones of the spine and pelvis.

One of the main focuses of this series is to teach you to use your core (powerhouse) to stabilise your lower back and pelvis during movement.

Around 3 hours of video instruction.

Pilates for Beginners 2

This is a short 1 minute sample of the video series

In this five session course we take a further look at the fundamentals of Pilates before working on our ability to engage our core and stabilise our spine and pelvis.

Around 2 hours of video instruction.

Pilates for Riders 1

This is a short 1 minute sample of the video series

This 3 session course is the first of a series of courses designed specifically for horse riders and is ideal for anyone who wishes to improve their position, awareness and effectiveness in the saddle.

By working on your core stability, balance, flexibility and strength you are able to solve postural faults in the saddle and isolate your aids.

This course comprises of 3 separate elements, on the Ball, at the yard and on the mat.

 Around 2 hours of video instruction.

Whole Body Workout

This is a short 1 minute sample of the video series

This 15 session course caters to more advanced beginner and intermediate students. Offering a complete body workout the course includes many classical exercises as well as some new exercises to challenge you further.

You will find some repetition in these workouts. This is deliberate as it helps reinforce the quality of the exercise. Relaxation Position, Standing Forward Fold, Half Downward Dog and Rest Pose with knees to chest feature on a regular basis.

The course is designed to be completed in one month, with a new session done every second day. The lessons build on each other to improve your flexibility, balance, alignment and core strength.

Around 5½ hours of video instruction.

Intermediate Pilates 1

This is a short 1 minute sample of the video series

This course is for Intermediate students and comprises of 5 x 20 to 25 minute mat workouts plus a short bonus video on spinal extensions.  Choose to do a daily workout, work out every other day or just work out twice a week.  In this course we have added some new exercises, introduced some variations to old favourites as well as including some of the old classics

Some of the exercises are difficult, so take your time and be prepared to watch the exercise a few times before attempting to have a go. Be patient and refer back to some of the simpler beginner exercises if necessary to build your strength.

Around 2 hours of video instruction.

Classical Pilates

The original Classical Pilates mat-work programme is a sequence of 34 exercises , which were first set out in Joseph Pilates’ book Return to Life through Contrology (1934). The sequence was designed to move the body through a full range of movement, with each exercise flowing into the next. Although the sequence builds intelligently with more foundational exercises at the beginning and more complex exercises towards the end – the whole sequence , as originally set out by Pilates, was designed for Pilates’ clientele at that time, mainly professional dancers and boxers. This means that for most “normal” people in the 21st century the classic sequence is extremely challenging.

This course comprises of 34 individual videos on each of the exercises that made up Pilates’ original matwork sequence. Where possible a beginners, an intermediate and an advanced version of each exercise is shown.

The course is split into seven parts each part containing approx 5 video sessions. Part A is available now – new parts will be added shortly.

Classical Pilates – Part A

This is a short 1 minute sample of the video series

In Classical Pilates – Part A we look at the first 5 movements in the sequence:

The Hundreds
The Roll Up
The Roll Over
Single Leg Circles
Roll like a Ball

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