Premium Plus Subscription

Premium Plus monthly subscription allows you unlimited access to every Premium Course on the site for as long as you retain your subscription.

In addition to all the course material, Premium Plus subscribers are encouraged to join our special members only Pilates at Home Facebook page. This Facebook community ensures you are not alone on your journey. You can be part of a group of other participants who are following the same path. Start a discussion, or find a workout buddy.

The monthly subscription includes unlimited online help and support. Once you are a member of the private Facebook group you have access to Fran’s help whenever you need.

New classes and courses are added each month, so you should never get bored. Your subscription automatically gives you access to every new course the moment it is released.

In addition to the online video courses, subscribers also have access to a library of exercise notes in pdf form in the private Facebook group.

Finally you can pause or cancel your subscription at any time – just go to your account page, click the subscriptions tab and then click on Pause or Cancel.

7 day Trial £5

£10 per month