5 Day Riders Workout 1


This 5-Day Rider’s Workout focuses on the 4 main “problem areas” for horse riders. The core (abdominals, obliques, lower back and glutes), tight or uneven  hips, tight hamstrings, and finally the shoulders and upper back.

Done daily, you will start to see a difference in both your posture and the way you can move your body. Done every day for a month, you will really experience a huge difference and your horse will thank you!

As always in Pilates , there is also considerable emphasis in each session on how to achieve correct alignment. Body awareness is key to being able to ride well.

The sessions are about 20  minutes, or so, which should  allow you to fit them in to a busy  day and not compromise your riding time. Do one session a day and on the 6th day combine your favourites together to make a longer workout.

During the fifth session a Swiss Ball is incorporated as  part of the workout. Using a Swiss Ball adds a new dimension to your exercise programme  and gives important feedback as to whether you are sitting in balance. However, if you haven’t got a Swiss Ball the exercises can be done sitting on a hard chair or even standing up.

Around 100 mins of video instruction.

This is a short 1 min excerpt of the video series

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