7 Day Body Reset


Designed to increase your core strength, help you become suppler and to create a better body awareness, this 7 day Body Reset course is suitable for all levels – whether you are new to Pilates or an old hand. Each session is around 20 minutes long, so can easily be fitted in to a busy day. The course starts off slowly with the intensity increasing as the week goes on. If you’re new or just getting back into exercise, please know your own limits, listen to your body, take the easier modifications and remember to take a rest if you need to. I would recommend if you are new or coming back to Pilates that you repeat days 1 & 2  a few times before progressing to days 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7.

Around 1.5 hours of video instruction.

This is a short 1 min excerpt of the video series

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