5 Day Workout 1


A number of my students have told me how much they like the format of the 5-Day Challenges that I run periodically. It is so often really hard to justify the time you need to spend on yourself for a half an hour or more Pilates workout.  Busy lives, work, horses, husbands, dogs, children or grandchildren tend to take precedence. However research shows that we have more energy and are fitter and healthier if we can find the time to do a little Pilates every day.

So I listened to your comments and this month sees the start of a new monthly 5-Day Workout Series. March’s Workout Series comprises of five 15 minute(ish) workouts that can be done separately on a daily basis or linked together to combine an hour plus workout.

The classes in the workout are suitable for most levels as modifications are offered. However some of the exercises are designed to challenge you and therefore increase your suppleness, strength and fitness. Although each class focuses on a specific body area as always in Pilates, all exercises provide a general body workout.

Around 70 mins of video instruction.

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