Riders Repair


The 3 basic principles that we need in order to ride well are the same as those required for Pilates, correct posture, spinal alignment and a strong core.

These 3 key components combine together not only to create a healthier body for the rider, but also to promote better balance and security in the saddle (which increases our confidence). They also allow us to use our arms and legs more efficiently, which enables us to communicate more clearly with our horse.

The new 5 session “Rider’s Repair” course provides a selection of exercises and stretches to improve the posture.  In the first three sessions the focus is on lateral alignment (obliques), and spinal alignment (core, pelvis and hips). In the final 2 sessions we take a closer look at body control exercises for the legs, shoulders and arms.

The course is suitable for all levels and each session can be done separately (on a daily basis), or combined together for a much longer and more intense workout.

Around 2 hours of video instruction.

This is a short 1 min excerpt of the video series


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