5 Day Riders Workout 2


Whilst this new 5-day Pilates workout is aimed at horse-riders, the course is suitable for anyone who has tight hips and/or hamstrings, or a weak core and wants to improve their balance and posture.

No previous Pilates experience is necessary, although those new to Pilates may find some of the exercises challenging, so some easier modifications are offered.

Although each session focuses on a specific area, as always with Pilates, your attention is drawn to your alignment and using your core muscles.

Each session is approximately 20 minutes long, so most horse owners will be able to fit them into their busy lives. Do a session a day for 5-days and you will start to feel the difference. Do the course, weekly for a month and not only will you see a huge difference your horse will feel it too!

Like most of my Pilates courses this one is mat-based, although you may want to have a few props to hand. These include 2 x tennis balls (or spikey balls), for “flossing your glutes”, a Pilates block (or large book/s) to increase the stretch in your hamstrings in The Bridge and a small rolled towel to help you with the Roll Up if you have weak abdominals.

Around 100 mins of video instruction.

This is a short 1 min excerpt of the video series

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