If you are interested in organising a clinic for your Riding Club or a group of friends you can choose from a one day, two day or weekend clinic.

The one-day clinics normally begin with a half hour theory session or slide show. This is followed by individual half-hour sessions. The afternoon will begin with another half hour theory session or simulation. After which participants will have a further half hour, one on ones session. During the half hour individual lessons, participants can chose to work with their horse on the ground to start to straighten and supple the horse or to work on the horse and rider combination under saddle.

Spectators are also welcome and actively encouraged to participate in the theory sessions.

The two-day or weekend clinics normally begin with an evening slide show and talk followed by a question and answers session.

There after, each day contains one theory session, one rider exercise class and two half hour one-on-one lessons for the participants. Participants are encourages to watch and learn from the other participants sessions. Non-riding participants are also welcome – and are able to enjoy the theory sessions, take part in the rider exercise class and spectate the individual lessons.

Clinics are for people who want to

  • Want to achieve harmony with their horse
  • Help their horse find a better way to move under saddle
  • Want to prevent mental and physical problems with their horse
  • Improve their own body awareness
  • Improve their core strength
  • Improve their riding
  • Increase their confidence in the saddle

Learning in a clinic has several benefits over private training. These include:

  • Watching each other increases the learning outcome
  • Sharing experiences and mental support increases motivation
  • After the clinic participants can support each other in their training
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