Our Introduction to Groundwork Clinics are ideal for those looking to improve their relationship and communication with their horse, as well as for those who wish to help their horse become more flexible, stronger and calmer. All too frequently horses become tense and rush (or plant) because they have lost their balance. If we can help our horse to physically become more balanced, then we help him become more mentally balanced at the same time.

Neither humans nor horses are symmetrical. We are all born left or right handed (hoofed) and become progressively more asymmetrical as we grow older. This isn’t a major problem for horses in the wild, where the horse regularly walks 25 miles or so a day and is never going to be ridden, but, in order to carry a rider without undue strain, or just to stay healthy or regain suppleness and muscle tone, the horse needs to develop a strong back, be equally strong and supple on both sides and learn to carry more of his weight on his hind legs. 

By working on-line or in-hand we start to teach our horse how to improve both his balance and straightness (think Pilates for horses). 

These clinics are designed to introduce the concept of groundwork (on-line), short range lunging and in-hand work. The clinics are of 2 hours duration and are based on a minimum of 2 participants and are limited to a maximum of 4.

Cost £40 per person

Please note that we are sorry, but Stallions cannot participate.

How to Book

If you would like to book any of these Groundwork Clinics please click on the appropriate link below. Then click on the Book Tickets button and select the relevant Session(s) from the Book Your Ticket section. Payment by Credit/Debit card, or by Paypal, is accepted.

Please make sure that you have read the Booking Conditions for this Clinic.

Please tell me a little about yourself and your horse and any physical or medical problems you or your horse may have that could impact the session in the Additional Notes box during the ticket booking process.

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