Using weight aids correctly is fundamental to effective riding – and a happy, healthy horse.

Weight aids have a huge influence on the horse, but they are often under-used as many riders fail to consider them when working with their horses. These aids are subtle and so it is easy to assume that other riders are not using them. Because good weight aids require such small adjustments of your body it is often hard for instructors watching from the ground to assess exactly how well you are actually using your weight aids, so they often struggle to correct and advise you, which is why PI (our electronic horse) is such a perfect tool to help you learn about weight aids.

The four delicate sensors and carefully positioned cameras show the balance and alignment of the rider and the screen in front allows the rider to see where their weight is and how adjusting the weight can affect the way the horse goes. Because PI has no natural asymmetries that might counter the movement the rider can immediately see when they are applying the weight aid correctly.

Learning how to feel and then master weight aids in the saddle is the key to really developing your riding. 

Before the rider considers using weight aids they need a balanced and neutral seat – otherwise one can inadvertently ask the horse to do something we don’t want them to do. 

The lesson will start with an initial assessment of how well the rider sits in balance (with the front/back/left/right weights displayed with a video of the rider’s position shown on the screen in front of the rider). 

Once the student has found a neutral and balanced seat we will investigate how different weight aids can be used to control direction. 

As mentioned, weight aids should be subtle shifts and movements, which happen when you direct specific muscles to move, such as taking a hip forward and down or by adding a gentle pressure on the stirrup.

The rider will learn how to ride a straight line, circles and change direction on their weight alone as well as how one can utilize weight for upward and downward transitions. 

Time permitting; the session will finish with a fun virtual dressage test – ideally ridden on just weight aids!

Each Session will be 60 mins and Cost £65 per person

How to Book

If you would like to book this Weight Aid Clinic please click on the appropriate link below. Then click on the Book Tickets button and select the relevant Session(s) from the Book Your Ticket section. Payment by Credit/Debit card, or by Paypal, is accepted.

Please make sure that you have read the Booking Conditions for this Clinic.

Please tell me a little about yourself and any physical or medical problems you may have that could impact the session in the Additional Notes box during the ticket booking process.

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