The way the rider sits on the horse will have a dramatic effect on its soundness, performance and development.

The rider’s posture, tone, alignment, symmetry and breathing are all mirrored by the horse.  Sometimes it is necessary to make quite dramatic changes in our body, but often it is the smallest of changes that has a major effect on our horse’s way of going. There are a great many opposing opinions of what is correct, and many riding instructors and trainers choose to ignore the role of the rider’s use of their body, preferring to focus entirely on the horse.

Riding is a physically demanding sport, and is subject to the laws of physics and gravity. Many common issues with your horse that hinder your training of him, such as hollowness, crookedness and lack of impulsion/rushing etc. can very often be resolved once an understanding is gained of how your body is affecting him.

Ultimately, your horse is the judge of your riding and it never fails to impress me how simple posture changes in our self can radically improve the way our horse moves.

Fran offers private lessons in either at her own yard or yours.

Prices are lessons at Pengraig are:

£40 half an hour.
£50 forty five minutes.
£60 one hour.

For lessons at your own yard, travel costs need to be added. These work out at .45p a mile from SY23 5LE.

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