PI Before Adjustment
PI After Adjustment

If you would like to book a PI assessment session then please contact me using the form below to arrange a suitable day and time. Please do not pay before contacting me so that we can discuss your requirements and arrange a mutually suitable time.

Standard sessions include 45 minutes of assessment. This time can be split between posture and rein contact assessment/correction as the client prefers.

Longer sessions, 60 minutes or 90 minutes, allow extra time for the rider to establish correct alignment and for them to play with deliberately moving out of alignment and then self correcting their position. This aids building up muscle memory so that they are more easily able to use their new knowledge when next on their horse. There is also more time to practice using weight aids in our virtual menage.

Of course the ideal scenario is to book a 45 minute PI session followed immediately by a 45 minute session on your own horse at our yard. Day stabling is included in the price.

Please indicate on the form below which session type you are interested in booking.

Once we have agreed a date and time, you may use the Payment link below to complete the purchase.

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