A one day clinic with PI (the electronic horse) & Fran Griffith MISRB

Saturday 18 September

If you have ever wished that your horse could tell you what he thought about the way you ride, wondered if you sit more heavily to one side or other, or whether it is you rather than your horse that causes him to hollow his back, this one day clinic gives you the opportunity to find out!

The clinic offers you a chance to evaluate your riding position and to learn what you need to do to adjust and improve your seat.

Sensors under PI’s “feet” detect if you are sitting in balance whist carefully positioned cameras capture your posture. You may well be surprised by just how far back (or to the side) you are sitting. Learn what being in true balance really feels like, and how a slight change in the way you sit can make an amazing difference to your weight distribution so that you can use subtle weight aids to influence your horse.

Sensors on the reins analyse your contact and whether the contact is even or stronger on one rein. Whilst the half-halt analysis allows you to see how accurate your timing is, whether you release the half halt fast enough and if you can release the half halt without throwing the contact away while still retaining parity?

Check what happens to your balance in a rising trot or see if you can ride a straight line on your seat alone or if you subconsciously hang on to one rein.

Receive helpful advice and suggestions to enable you to make any necessary adjustments, and learn what “off-the-horse” Pilates exercises you can do to help with any issues you might have and become the best rider you can be.

In addition to the one-on one 45 minute session you will also receive a detailed e-mailed report of your session and a FREE pre-recorded 5 Day Pilates for Riders course.

Sessions are 45 minutes long and cost £50 per person.

PI Before Adjustment
PI After Adjustment

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