So many riders complain of tight hips. Modern lifestyle and age are the prime causes. This video features four simple stretches that when done regularly can help unlock your hips.

Class – 11 mins

As horse riders we know that a huge emphasis is placed on our body’s alignment. From the moment we have our first riding lesson we will have been told to sit up tall, pull our shoulders back and balance on our seat bones. But what is alignment and why is it so important for our riding? This class focuses on some Pilates exercises that can help achieve better alignment.

Class – 25 mins

A great one hour mat workout designed to focus on the main problem areas for horse riders, the hips, the core and the hamstrings, as well as drawing attention to the importance of correct alignment. Short of time, break the class into 3 separate sessions – otherwise start with the one hour workout and revisit the sections that concentrate on your particular issues.

Around 1 hour of video instruction.

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This is a short 1 minute sample of the video class